Animal Facility (La Jolla)

Getting Started

Internal users with SBMRI:

  • Log in to iLab at the top right (If you do not have an iLab account, click on the sign up link to register.)
  • Once logged into the site, go to the Equipment tab to reserve time on the equipment or click on the Service Request tab to request a service from the Transgenic Mouse Lab.  
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.


External users:

  • Please contact the facility to discuss your requirements at 858-646-3100 ext. 3285 for Judy Wade

Overview of Services

Researchers using the Animal Facility may use iLab to reserve time on the calendars for various equipment (see list below) and request services from the Mouse Reproductive Services Lab.


Equipment available to reserve through iLab:

  • Gammacell 40 Exactor Irradiator (for cells and animals)
  • IDEXX VetTest (blood and urine analysis)
  • Abaxis VetScan VS2 (blood analytes, chemistry panels)
  • Abaxis VetScan HMII (hematology)
  • VisualSonics VEVO 770 (ultrasound imaging)
  • Xenogen IVIS Spectrum BL (bioluminescence imaging)
  • Li-COR Pearl Impulse (near-Infrared fluorescent imaging)
  • Kent Scientific CODA 6 (blood pressure)


Services of the Mouse Reproductive Services Lab & Tumor Analysis:

  • castration
  • embryo rederivation
  • sperm and embryo cryopreservation
  • IVF
  • embryo recovery
  • tumor transplantation/xenograph studies


Mary Braxtan | Facility Director

Judy Wade | Imaging and Analysis Equipment Lab Manager


Service Support Hours

Hours Location

8:00am to 4:00pm

Monday through Friday

Bldg. 6 1st Floor