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Overview of Services

Functional Genomics provides infrastructure for RNAi-based Target Discovery services, from initial feasibility assessment, all the way through to verification of identified targets. It also serves as repository for reagents and assays, expertise and other technical information, and works towards technical improvements when necessary.


The Core’s primary effort is dedicated to loss-of-function screening via RNAi, although gain-of-function screening for specific gene families is also available. In addition it supplies siRNAs, shRNA and ORF clones to aid the target validation process.


Our personnel develop both plate reader and image-based cellular assays, and adapt them to HTS-siRNA/shRNA screening conditions in conjunction with the High Content Screening Core. It also collaborates with the Bioinformatics Shared Resource to aid the screening follow-up process.



Assay development.

Screening (siRNA, lentiviral-shRNA, lentiviral-ORF libraries).

Custom library production.

Hit cherry-picking and confirmation.

siRNA and lentiviral shRNA or ORF clone distribution.

Custom shRNA set construction and validation.



Pedro Aza-Blanc | Director


Hours Location

Monday through Friday

8AM to 5PM

  Bldg 2 -Room 2218



Name Role Phone Email Location
Pedro Aza-Blanc
858-646-3100 x 3537
Bldg 2 -Room 2218