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Overview of Services

The Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BSR) is a member of the Cancer Center Shared Resources. Our mission is to provide bioinformatics services to the other Shared Resources and to individual researchers throughout the Institute. Our services span the entire field of bioinformatics from Next-Gen Sequencing Data Analysis, pathway modelling, and microarray analysis to high-throughput screening and data management.


Our services includes (but not limited to):

  • Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis: from reads to biology (RNA-Seq, ChiP-Seq, DNA-seq, exome sequencing, targeted resequencing, SNP and indel detection and more)   
  • Statistical analysis, e.g., power analysis and calculation of the optimum number of animals needed for the experiment
  • De-novo network discovery and identification of master regulator genes with Viper-KR, Bayesian networks, and related tools
  • Systems biology support and pathway analysis (via GeneGO, IPA and NextBio)
  • Microarray, metabolomics, proteomics, methylation, and/or drug data analysis (from raw signals to biology/hypothesis verification); individual and/or integrative approaches
  • Genome and gene family analysis and annotation (e.g., promoter and transcription factor binding site identification: Transfac & public tools)
  • Custom applications developments and tool support
  • Bioinformatics classes and training
  • Grant and paper preparation assistance
  • Website and database development

Support for the BSR comes from three sources: 

  • Participation in PIs grants
  • Cancer Center Support Grant
  • Chargebacks

Pricing Schedule                Hourly rates

SBMRI Cancer Center          $  50.00

SBP Non-CC                       $   62.50   
External Non-Profit             $   67.50    
External Commercial           $ 131.50

Accounts on IPA (Ingenuity), MetaCore (GeneGo) and NextBio (NextBio)

We have Institute-wide subscription to Systems biology tools IPA, MetaCore and NextBio. To get access to any of those tools please follow instructions at


Leadership/Group Members


Jun Yin, Ph.D. | Bioinformatics Core Director

(858) 646-3100 x5085

Room 2406, Building 10


Andrew Hodges, Ph.D.  Bioinformatics Specialist

(858) 646-3100 x4223

Room 2405, Building 10



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8:30AM - 5:30PM

Excluding Holidays     

Room 2405, Building 10

La Jolla, California 92121

Links and Resources

    2. Bioinformatics Internal Site – link to “http://intranet/researchsupport/sr/bioinformaticsLJ/Pages/Home.aspx”
    3. Bioinformatics Public Site (managed by the group)
    4. (internal
    5. – Sample Surfer (internal
    6. - proteolysis reasoning environment
    7. - database of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies


Name Role Phone Email Location
Andrew Hodges, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics Specialist
(858) 646-3100 x4223
Room 2405, Building 10
Jun Yin, Ph.D.
(858) 646-3100 x5085
Room 2406, Building 10

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